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Founded in 2003, Zewda Technology is zealous in developing and promoting the development of Fiber Laser, High Power EDFA, IR illumination and Fiber sensoring technologies in China. Zewda's business scope covers several fields which include High power handling fiber components, High power fiber coupled diode lasers, Fiber sub-components & materials, Polarization Maintianing fiber components, Broad band light sources and narrow band light sources. Zewda Technology is also the regular distributor of Sheaumann (US) and Denselight (Singapore) . Zewda Technology's management team had enjoyed close more than 15 years of successful management including R&D and slaes&marketing experience. As a result, Zewda had established good relationship with our customers and its able to fully understand their demands readily, which hence able to provide suitable products and services to them, and thereby ensure advanced technology support to them.      



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